Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Provide the very best service to our customer base on their unique situation. So what does that entail? For estate sales, we ha ve a proven process. First of all, we stage and clean a house to give the customers a vision. People need to see how furniture or household items can be app lied in their house. Then we heavily research items to find value in today’s market. If we find an item with significant value that needs a national or inte rnational audience, we will broker or offer that in an national or international setting. (The week that I wrote this, I found a music box at a house we wer e conducting an estate sale and sold it online to someone in Austria for $1,600.00. In this business, it is vital one can research not only the value of an item but also the correct avenue to sell that item. This in essence is Schows, Estate Sales’s speciality.) Once the items have been researched, priced, and stage, the next step is advertising. We use several highly effective internet and print advertising campaigns to get those customers to the house. The day o f the estate sale we have a courteous and knowledgeable staff to insure the success of your estate sale.

Music Box