"I highly recommend the services of Carl Schow for any Estate Sale efforts." - Chris Moore, MD

"The Coleman family knew when we met Carl and Mel, that we had found the perfect fit for handling the items that were important to us. Their pointi ng us in the right direction, their marketing abilities, their personal connections and their artistic knowledge of antiques, have all been important to the success of needed restoration and the key to placing historical memorabilia in accessible locations to the public.

Down to earth, honest, unpretentious, hard working and simply kind, are several characteristics that come to mind when we think about Carl and Mel. They have become like family to the Coleman’s and we are so thankful that our paths have crossed!"

Donna Coleman
Chattanooga, TN
March 1, 2018

"Carl and his team bring to any estate sale a wealth of knowledge regarding most anything that one would consider dispensing with. He knows art, antiques, furniture, jewelry, glassware and almost anything I can think of. His experience at conducting such sales brings an added sense of feeling as if one is letting go of valuable and not so valuable items in the best possible way. Carl’s approach is comprehensive and efficient, and, in our case, gave my family a great sense of peace that we had dealt with our family’s treasures in the most respectful way knowing what was not valuable either brought us significant value, was donated to a good cause or dispensed with properly."

Chris Moore, MD
Lookout Mountain, GA
April 27, 2018